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We are local business owners who have developed a cool tool to help food entrepreneurs get the most out of their customers.
Our Story
As told by our Founder & CEO, Johann Moonesinghe
Owning my own restaurant really opened my eyes to how difficult it is for a local business to get fair financing.
I love food. I love having friends over for dinner, drinking wine with family, and cooking with my husband. So of course, when the opportunity to open a restaurant came up, I jumped on it.

Owning my own restaurant really opened my eyes to how difficult it is for a local business to get fair financing. Banks consider small businesses high risk and if they do lend to them, they require personal property as collateral and have insanely high closing costs. That means that if my restaurant goes out of business, I would lose my house.

While running the restaurant, we discovered that our customers were willing to pre-pay for our product as a way for us to finance our growth.

From this experience, inKind was born. We are a Certified B Corporation who has developed an innovative 0% finance model to support local businesses.

By allowing customers to provide capital now in exchange for product later, a business can get the capital that it needs to grow without ever having to make a loan repayment.

inKind provides between $5,000 and $50,000 in funding.
Our Team
Johann Moonesinghe
CEO, Wine Aficionado
Johann mixes an entrepreneur's boldness with his discerning palate. In addition to making angel investments in several early stage technology companies, he has also invested in two bars and several restaurants. The idea for inKind was born out of those investments. inKind marks Johann's third technology startup. madKast, a 2007 TechStars Boulder company, was acquired by industry-leader ShareThis in 2008. Johann has a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA in the US.
Miles Matthias
CTO, Veggie Verbose
As our engineering lead, Miles has a wealth of experience building custom website and mobile apps as well as user-focused software products. Miles is also an active community member, running the dev track for Boulder Startup Week and multiple CTO lunch groups.
Andy Harris
Compliance, Bonkers About Beets
Andrew is a UK-qualified attorney, having spent time in the London and Hong Kong offices of leading international law firm Linklaters LLP and in-house at the Royal Bank of Scotland. He went to the set of Neighbours and met a cast member, but was bitterly disappointed when it wasn't Susan Kennedy.
Raj Moonesinghe
Finance Director, Margarita Maven
Raj joins inKind with experience in utilizing market research techniques, financial accounting methods, and ratio analysis to determine the feasibility of whether investments would be profitable. Raj is developing financial modeling products as well as overseeing the company finances.
Matt Saeta
Head of Customer Success, Macaroni Master
As Head of Customer Success, Matt oversees all of our gift card offerings. He brings a relentless drive and passion to inKind. Matt very nearly almost played professional baseball in America (it's like rounders but with a bigger bat).
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